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Welcome to Gospel Light Publishing Company
Delight, Arkansas

Gospel Light Publishing Company maintains and keeps in print many classic books by church pioneers from the restoration movement as well as a selection of more recent books and tracks by recent authors.


We also have our own printing plant in which we print and bind books for self-published authors and organizations looking to get their material in print.


Please contact us for more information.

Popular Books from Gospel Light

  • Peoples New Testament with Explanatory Notes, by B. W. Johnson

  • Set of Restoration Commentaries by Lard, McGarvey, Lamar, Johnson and others

  • Search for the Ancient Order Series, by Earl I. West

  • The Eternal Kingdom, by F. W. Mattox

  • American Standard (1901) New Testament

  • Hermeneutics, by D. R. Dungan

  • The Way of Salvation, by K. C. Moser

  • The Gist of Romans, by K. C. Moser

  • Works by Owen Olbricht, Leon Barnes, Cleon Lyles, James D. Bales, John Waddey and many others

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